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1. What is SObject?

SObject is small and light data object primarily targeted to be use with browser in distributed environment.
S in SObject came from initial of my daughter, but it also has meaning like small or simple.
SObject is first written purely with Java with slightly differnt purposes, now most core part is under being rewritten using C++ and STL.

2. Environment

SObject is currently being developed under Linux and only tested with Linux.

3. License

SObject is under The GNU Public License.
There is no warranty for SObject, and using it is under your own risk.

4. History

  • 2008.11. Started as Pure Java program to make simple Java Object to store data locally.
  • 2008. 1. Simple query is added.
  • 2008. 4. Purpose of SObject is changed, and start rewritting SObject with C++ ans STL.
    Currently B+Tree index and basic framework(I/O, threads pool, etc.) are migrated.

5. Source and Documentation

Nightly building source code can be accessed from SVN: https://sobject.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/sobject
Some portion of framework(ex. C++ unit test framework) is explained in my blog.

2008 - 2009.Kihyeon